“It is astonishing  how long it takes to finish something you’re not working on.”

Timelines serve 3 primary purposes to creatives:

1) Setting Goals/Deadlines and Planning Ahead

2) Creating a basis of Communication/Synchronization with others

3) Weighing your expectations against your actual productivity in retrospect

The first date I like to add when building a timeline is the Last Day. What is day are you expected to turn in a finished work? Will there be last-minute changes? Budget an extra day for that. Do you procrastinate? Budget an extra 2 days for that.

If the project consists of more than 20 minutes of music, your timeline will be spanning a few weeks or even months, so it’s important to break down your time into ‘bite-sized’ chunks (3-7 days). Don’t forget to budget a day or two off for other commitments and “sick” days.

It’s very important to Make Adjustments as you go!!! because if you gain or lose time, it could seriously affect your work flow in the pivotal final days of your timeline.

I hope this inspires you to better manage your time!